Quick and Easy Cleaning


Retractable Hose System

With the RETRAHOSE system, your hose is stored in the sockets and you do not need to carry the hose while cleaning. This allows you to unplug the hose of the length you need and collect the hose seconds after you finish cleaning. With the option of being fast and wherever you want, achieving cleaning at any point has never been this comfortable and easy. With its ergonomic structure, it ensures that there is no unreachable spot and allows you to radically change your understanding of cleaning. Enjoy comfortable and gentle cleaning with Retrahose.

Retrahose system infrastructure requires sufficient length for the hose to circulate within the pipe. In the system, where there must be a 1-1.5m gap between 2 turning distances, the pipes are hidden in the floor or ceiling. The vacuum cleaner is turned on and off via the station. Retrahose system hoses are more flexible and thinner than classical hoses. This structure allows it to move easily within the pipe. Your Retrahose system offers lifelong use with its quality and durability.

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