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Practical and hygienic cleaning experience is with you in every corner of your home.

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A New Look at Cleaning

With the Petrahose system, your hose is collected in sockets and you do not need to carry a hose while cleaning. This allows you to unplug the hose of the length you need and collect it within seconds after you finish cleaning. The retractable hose system, which allows you to carry hygiene to every corner of your home with its practical structure, now makes the cleaning experience much faster and more enjoyable. Experience the privilege of comfortable and precise cleaning with Retrahose’s ergonomic structure that changes your perspective on cleaning.

Move Freely in Your Home

Retrahose system infrastructure requires sufficient length for the hose to circulate within the pipe. In the system, where there must be a 1-1.5m gap between 2 turning distances, the pipes are hidden in the floor or ceiling. The vacuum cleaner is turned on and off via the station. Retrahose system hoses are more flexible and thinner than classical hoses. This structure allows it to move easily within the pipe. Your Retrahose system offers lifelong use with its quality and durability.

Make Cleaning Work Easier Improve the Quality of Life

Superior Cleaning Power

They are equipped with much more powerful engines than traditional vacuum cleaners.

Quiet Working Environment

Compared to traditional vacuum cleaners, the noise generated during cleaning is minimal.

Healthy Air

Dirt and dust are transported to the central unit and the return air is released outside.

Ease of Use

Instead of carrying heavy machinery, cleaning is done with a light hose and nozzle.

Long Lasting Use

It provides long-term use with its quality material and durable structure.

Adds Value

It attracts potential real estate buyers with its modern and practical equipment.

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Vakumaks Assurance and Guarantee at Retrahose

Vakumaks combines more than 40 years of industry experience with the experience of its team; It is Turkey’s largest central vacuum cleaner system company, which reflects its self-confidence to its customers with the quality and superior service approach it offers, and gives a full guarantee for every product it produces.