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Retractable Hose System

Who are we?


Our business life, which started in 1991 with the production and sales of building materials used mainly in the construction industry, has been in the central vacuum system manufacturing and installation sector as Retrahose since 2013.

With a strategic decision we took in 2016, we realized that we could produce many parts of the central vacuum system in Turkey at world standards. With our extensive experience in the construction industry and our knowledge of central vacuum systems, we believed that we could offer better quality products to our customers and accordingly, we established our production facility in Konya.

The machines we have produced under our Retrahose brand since the beginning of 2017 have won the appreciation of our customers with their superior vacuum quality and the assembly and service services we offer.

Today, we are proud of gaining the satisfaction and trust of our consumers, and we work with great devotion to maintain this stability.

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Our Mission

We have made it our duty to clean the environments you live in and ensure that you live in healthier environments.


Trust forms the main basis of our company. The principle of mutual trust constitutes the main basis of cooperation both within the company and in our relations with our customers and dealers. We produce special solutions together with our customers, based on mutual trust.


Our employees are the driving force of our company. We see the training and personal development of our employees as a part of our company culture, and within this framework, we try to create a participatory company culture and environment where they can best reveal their potential.


We respect ethical rules, principles of honesty and laws. We protect sustainable life and future generations by using resources efficiently and effectively. We always act responsibly and transparently towards our society, our people and our stakeholders.


We research new ideas to provide universal quality, creative solutions, fast and error-free service, and as a learning and creative company, we adopt innovation as our understanding of business so that our employees embrace it.

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For a Newer Future

Less Carbon Footprint

Central vacuum cleaner systems produce lower carbon emissions with their energy efficiency and long life. It contributes to increasing environmental sustainability.

Less Energy Waste

In central vacuum cleaner systems, hoses and nozzles connected to cleaning inlets shorten cleaning time and reduce energy consumption.

Less Garbage Production

Central vacuum systems eliminate the need to replace traditional vacuum bags and filters frequently and create less waste.


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